Well protected against COVID-19

Personal protective equipment in line with EU health and safety standards for specialists in the fields of health, care, education, cosmetics, and for all people who come into daily contact with patients, customers, students etc. MIVA can provide you with support with a wide range of products aimed at preventing infection by COVID-19.

In this Covid period, personal protective equipment is not only of great significance in the operating theatre, laboratory or everyday medical practice.

Full face masks and other protective items are also recommended to help protect against Covid-19 in everyday private and professional life. We are a wholesaler for PPE and Covid-19 protective equipment. Here you can acquire products such as protective goggles, full face masks, safety visors, protective suits and protective gloves.

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CORONA protective equipment

Secure protection is important during a pandemic. We have a comprehensive range of protective equipment to help prevent infection from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. All items meet the standards of the rules on protection from infection such as the hygiene measures and the applicable EU ordinances.

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Protective goggles
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Full face masks
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Safety visors
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Protective suits
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Protective gloves

Our products meet EU requirements

User instruction: We make sure that the respective products come with user instructions.

CE marking: We check the CE markings on packagings or individual products.

Identification number: We check the CE marking for the necessary identification numbers.

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